Product Pre-Funding Puts You in Control

xHerman & Wallace wants to put you in charge of deciding which products we produce! Our philosophy is that we should only be making products which are useful to the therapists who we work with. In our efforts to create products that our registrants find valuable, and keep the price of these products at low as possible, we have been piloting a new product development program. So far this program has seen incredible success, with therapists providing feedback at every step as to how we can make better products for you!

Here is how it works:

1. Herman & Wallace creates a product concept, a description of the product and its contents, without fully creating the product.
2. Herman & Wallace puts this product concept on our website for a trial period. This product concept?s page will contain:

a. A description of the product,
b. the contents of the product (patient forms, powerpoint files, handouts, mapping tools...
c. the estimated retail price of the product,
d. an amount, lower than the retail price, that one can contribute towards this product?s full development called a ?pre-fund? amount,
e. the end date of the trial period.

3. Therapists who would like to buy the product can pre-fund the product concept at a discount to the retail price in exchange for receiving the product upon Herman & Wallace completing its development.

4. Pre-funders will receive an early-release draft of the product and will be asked to provide feedback. Feedback will be solicited for 15 business days following the release of this draft, and comments will be used to make the final version even better.

If ten or more therapists pre-fund the product before the end of the trial period, Herman & Wallace will fully develop the product, and will email the product to each therapist who pre-funded the product.

If less than ten therapists pre-fund the product before the end of the trial period,Herman & Wallace will not fully develop the product, and Herman & Wallace will refund 100% of pre-fund amount paid by each therapist who pre-funded the product.

To Summarize:
If you see a product you'd like to purchase, pre-fund it and if the product gets 10 or more pre-funders, we'll email you the product after we finish developing it. Pre-funding a product carries NO RISK. If the product does get 10 pre-funders by the end of the trial period, we will refund 100% of the amount contributed by each pre-funder.

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