A new resource for patients.

(A blog directing your patient to the computer should not ideally follow a post about avoiding the computer, however, this is a potentially very positive resource for both patients and pelvic rehab providers alike.) As a founding sponsor, Boston Scientific has funded through an educational grant the development of a new website called "Take the Floor: Voices for PFD" (pfd = pelvic floor dysfunction). You can access the new website here.It is developed by the American Urogynecologic Society (AUGS) and the AUGS Foundation.

Patients will find helpful information about urinary incontinence, bladder dysfunction, and bowel dysfunction including definitions, incidence, symptoms, prevention and treatment. Regarding treatment, the site recommends a medical examination to determine the best course of treatment. I especially think the resource page for caregivers is really useful, and the How To Talk About PFD page is excellent and gives some "conversation starters" that are really nice openers to discussing the potentially sensitive topics.

As a pelvic rehab provider you might also appreciate the Find A Provider link. Many rehabilitation professionals find that Urogynecologists have a head start on understanding the role of conservative care, pelvic floor strengthening or manual therapy techniques. You can also register to join the website community and follow contributions to the interactive portion of the site.

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