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Thank you for your interest in hosting a Herman & Wallace Continuing Education Course!
What does it mean to "host a satellite"?

In a satellite course, the instructor lectures remotely, via Zoom. The host plugs in a laptop to the projector and, during lecture, the participants at the satellite location sit and take notes, just like they would if the instructor was in the room. During lab time, participants are assisted by in-person teaching assistants - one or two qualified locals arranged by Herman & Wallace. In order that participants receive the guidance they need, please note that if we are not able to find a lab assistant, we will need to reschedule the course. During the course, a member of the Herman & Wallace admin team assists with the meeting, takes attendance, and provides ongoing support to all hosts. An Herman & Wallace admin will also be available to run a “tech rehearsal” prior to the course to assure that the room set up and AV are working correctly. Herman & Wallace will send disposable supplies, including gloves, wipes, lubricant, etc. to each satellite. Participants will be asked to brown bag any of their own food. We are also happy to work with our satellites to coordinate any COVID precautions that need to be communicated to registrants (vaccination requirements, travel restrictions, etc.).

Generally, we are looking for locations that have the following:

  1. Room for 16+ therapists to gather
  2. Roughly one lab table for every two participants (8 tables for a 16-person group)
  3. The following AV equipment:
    • -LCD projector and table for projector
    • -Laptop with Zoom downloaded - plugs into the projector and plays the instructor teaching live on Zoom
    • -Projection screen
    • -Speakers - Bluetooth or plug into the laptop. These do not have to be fancy, but they need to be loud enough that everyone can hear

The courses currently offered in satellite lab format can be found on the continuing education course page. Please read on and fill out the form below if you are interested in hosting a course with us!

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Currently our administrative capacity does limit the total number of satellite clinics we can work with on a given weekend, so we are prioritizing satellite partners in high demand locations with room for 16 or more participants.

We offer complimentary seats in the course to satellite hosts. We offer one free seat for hosts who have the space for 19 or fewer participants, and two free seats for those with room and equipment for 20+ participants.

As host, you may have some folks on staff who have already completed this coursework that would like to act as teaching assistant. Teaching assistants earn $250 in Herman & Wallace course credit per day, or $500 for the weekend. A list of qualifications in order to act as a teaching assistant can be found on our Teaching Assistant page.

For first time satellite hosts, we are asking that you start off with hosting Pelvic Floor Level 1. By hosting this introductory course first, we will get a good sense for the level of demand in your area for pelvic floor coursework. This also helps more area clinicians to meet the prerequisites for intermediate, advanced, and specialty courses. To see which of our courses are available in satellite lab format, please visit our main continuing education courses page. Many of our courses are now being offered remotely, which means our faculty are teaching via Zoom and these courses do not require hosts. You can learn about our remote course options at https://www.hermanwallace.com/online-courses.

If you'd like to get a good idea of what goes into hosting a satellite course, we have put together a detailed Satellite Hosting Guide which you can access at https://www.dropbox.com/s/uryrhe8lvg4zhz0/HW%20SATELLITE%20COURSE%20HOSTING%20GUIDE%202022.pdf?dl=0.

Thanks for your interest, we look forward to working with you!