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Quick Reference Treatment Checklists

Quick reference for the treatment of common pelvic floor dysfunctions. You may be brand new to this field and you may be a seasoned clinician, looking for something new to try or looking for organization to your plan of care. These quick informative checklists include topics like constipation, stress incontinence, urge incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, hemorrhoid management, and painful insertion.


Birth Prep for Pelvic Health Clients

This product will make it incredibly easy for you to host a Birth Prep class for any audience.

Pelvic health providers are perfectly positioned to guide pregnant and postpartum patients through their perinatal journey. If this is your target demographic of patient, consider this product that will help you step-by-step in providing a community birth class for expectant parents. Included will be a customizable presentation with various related topics to the pregnant and postpartum client. Handouts for clients, sample marketing graphics, and tips for advertising your class will help you prepare for this presentation. This product will make it incredibly easy for you to host a Birth Prep class for any audience.


Policy and Procedures Manual: The Female Pelvic Floor

This is a 200+page, downloadable manual, detailing how to perform common interventions for the female pelvic floor.

​Written by Fatima Hakeem, nationally known for her expertise in women's health practice start up and management, with over 40 years of experience as a practicing women's health therapist.


Pelvic Health Business Basics

This guide is to help pelvic health providers who would like to start their own business. It reviews a basic business plan, budget and some start up resources for consideration and planning.


Pelvic Floor Muscle Coordination

This manual intended for physical therapists to utilize in educating patients when strengthening the pelvic floor muscles (PFM). This product will provide the pelvic floor therapist and patients written information and a home program that can be tailored and progressed individually.


Prostatectomy Care Manual

This manual is intended for pelvic floor therapists to educate patients before or after a prostatectomy. This manula reviews the anatomy of the pelvic floor muscles, the importance of the pelvic floor muscles, correctly finding the pelvic floor muscles, how to appropriately exercise the pelvic floor muscles, and the relationship of these muscles to pelvic floor function after prostatectomy. This manual contains educational information for the therapist, as well as detailed home programs and patient education handouts.


Treating Pelvic Pain at Home

Therapy performed by a skilled therapist is an invaluable tool for assessing and treating pelvic floor dysfunction but our patients need the tools for self care to compliment and continue the progress of their therapy sessions at home. Included is patient education documents with specific movement pattern adaptations, ergonomic recommendations and modifications of activity to miminze pain. This product contains customizable templates for multiple topic areas with specific manual techniques with hands and pelvic health tools to help the patient with pelvic pain. The home exercise programs allow therapists to provide stretches and exercises for this patient population. The manual provides information and handouts that clinicians can print or copy for patients, eliminating the need to reinvent the wheel.


Patient Education for Perinatal Self Care

This customizable product covers postural, hormonal, orthopedic and pelvic dysfunctions commonly seen by therapists who enjoy working with pregnant patients. This product also addresses some of the most common issues new parents can often experience. Topics like headaches, carpal tunnel, pelvic girdle pain, bowel/ bladder health and red flags are included in this informative package.


Orthopedic Guide for the Pelvic Health Therapist

This guide is created for therapists looking to monitor their patient's symptoms quickly and effectively. Included in this product is a lumbopelvic scan exam checklist that will help consistently assess for symptoms that would assist in clinical decision- making and identify red flags. This manual also includes detailed handouts that will provide the clinician a means of bridging the gap of care between the management of low back pain/sacroiliac joint pain and pelvic floor dysfunction.


Pelvic Floor Considerations for Sexual Activity

This guide is to help pelvic floor therapists educate their patients on comfortable options and positions for sexual activity. It reviews categories of sexual positions, reviewing advantages, disadvantages and modifications. This product is inclusive and includes a variety of sexual activities for individuals to try.


What is Pelvic Rehab?

Herman & Wallace has created a presentation to allow you to instantly stand before a group and present the necessary basics and relevant research so that educating colleagues and community members is as easy as opening up your computer. There is a patient focused and a provider focused presentation to make it easy for clinicians to educate their community about pelvic health rehab and services. This product also includes a customizable script and screening tool for easy referrals.


Urinary Incontinence Manual 3rd Edition

This manual provides a comprehensive tool for the practitioner using behavioral treatment for adult urinary incontinence. This products provides evaluation and treatment programs, letters of medical necessity for pelvic floor modalities, patient education handouts and other resources needed to treat clients with incontinence.


Prolapse and Colorectal Care Manual

This manual provides a comprehensive tool for the practitioner using behavioral treatment for constipation and fecal incontinence. This product will save hours of writing and developing consent forms, evaluation, education documents and treatment programs.


Pediatric Pelvic Floor Manual 2nd Edition

This manual was developed to aid practitioners in the treatment of the pediatric pelvic floor dysfunction including clients with voiding, reflux and incontinence/enuresis symptoms. Common start up documents such as consent and evaluation forms are included along with treatment guidelines, home programs and patient education handouts. PDF and word formats are provided for easy clinical customization and branding.