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Advanced Breathing Techniques

This product is meant to inform patients about basic physiology of the respiratory system and various types of breathing exercises. These breathing exercises will focus on three breathing components - inhale, exhale and hold time.


Pelvic Floor Exercises for Lumbopelvic Stability

These 11 exercise handouts are developed to teach patients the role of the pelvic floor muscle strength for low back, sacroiliac dysfunction and post abdominal surgery recovery.


Women’s Health Marketing Presentation

This Powerpoint presentation helps the pelvic physical therapist make a strong case to referral sources (physicians, nurse practitioners, etc.) of the many reasons to refer patients to your practice.


Home Exercise Manual for SIJ and Low Back Pain Patient

This manual of handouts will provide the clinician a means of bridging the gap of care between the management of low back pain/sacroiliac joint pain and pelvic floor dysfunction, and contains information on managing both LB/SIJ pain and pelvic floor dysfunction.


Prolapse/Colorectal Care

This product will save you hours of writing and developing your own evaluation and treatment programs. The 1st Edition manual provides a comprehensive tool for the practitioner using behavioral treatment for constipation and fecal incontinence.


Orthopedic Considerations for Sexual Activity

This handout was developed for the patient who has questions about the impact of their physical disability or muscle impairment on their sexual activity. It highlights the benefits and detriments of sexual positions for various ailments with useful visual aides.


Self Care for Pregnant Patients

This customizable product covers postural, hormonal, orthopedic and pelvic dysfunctions commonly seen by therapists who enjoy working with pregnant women.


Self Stretching the Pelvic Floor

While manual therapy performed by a skilled therapist is an invaluable tool for assessing and treating pelvic floor dysfunction, our patients can become intimidated by the thought of incorporating specific stretches to the pelvic floor, be it manually or with dilators.


The Male Kegel

‘The Male Kegel’ is a manual intended for physical therapists to educate male patients about the anatomy of the pelvic floor muscles, the importance of the pelvic floor muscles in men, correctly finding the pelvic floor muscles, how to appropriately exercise the pelvic floor muscles, and the relationship of these muscles after prostatectomy.


Pregnancy and Your Pelvic Floor

This one-hour educational class (target audience is patients and their families) for pelvic physical therapists to help promote their pre-natal services. Product includes a powerpoint presentation and handouts (customizable with your clinic logo).


All About Kegels

‘All About Kegels’ is a manual intended for physical therapists to utilize in educating patients when strengthening the pelvic floor muscles (PFM). This product will provide the physical therapist and patients written information and a home program that can be tailored for each patient.


Home Exercise Program for Dyspareunia

This full exercise program is a template for multiple topic areas with specific exercises geared to the dyspareunia patient; specific movement pattern adaptations, ergonomic recommendations and modifications of activity to address this condition.


Lumbopelvic Scan Exam Checklist

Monitor your patient's symptoms quickly and effectively with this lumbopelvic scan exam checklist. This checklist will help you consistently assess for symptoms that would assist in your clinical decision- making, and to keep an eye out for red flags.


Home Exercise Program for Pelvic Pain Clients

The home exercise program is a single-source manual for those treating patients with pelvic pain. The manual provides information and handouts that clinicians can print or copy for patients, eliminating the need to reinvent the wheel.


Self-Care for Postpartum Patients

Birthing people can often be overshadowed by their newborn, and it is important to address the many healthcare challenges they face. This product addresses some of the most common of these issues.


What is Pelvic Rehab?

Herman & Wallace has created a presentation to allow you to instantly stand before a group and present the necessary basics and relevant research so that educating colleagues and community members is as easy as opening up your computer.


Pelvic Health for Breast Oncology Patients

Pelvic health is an often overlooked dimension of breast cancer recovery, yet has a major impact on survivors’ quality of life. As pelvic therapists, we need to be aware of the impact that breast cancer treatments, including surgery, chemo, radiation and hormonal therapy have on pelvic health. Therapists working in oncology rehab need to be able to acknowledge pelvic floor dysfunction and to either address these issues or refer to specialized pelvic colleagues.


Urinary Incontinence Manual 3rd Edition

This products will save you hours of writing and developing your own evaluation and treatment programs. The 3rd Edition manual provides a comprehensive tool for the practitioner using behavioral treatment for adult urinary incontinence.


Pediatric Pelvic Floor Manual 2nd Edition

This manual was developed to aid practitioners in the treatment of the pediatric dysfunctional voiding, reflux and incontinent/enuresis population.