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Pediatric Pelvic Floor Manual 2nd Edition

Pediatric Pelvic Floor Manual 2nd Edition


This manual was developed to aid practitioners in the treatment of the pediatric dysfunctional voiding, reflux and incontinent/enuresis population

Manual includes evaluation forms, urinary diary, anatomy for children, pelvic floor exercises and simply described behavioral techniques with sticker charts

for this patient population.

This is the expanded 2nd edition of the pediatric incontinence and pelvic floor manual, updated in 2016.

Titles of manual forms and documents:

Practitioner Forms

  1. Pediatric Consent for Evaluation & Treatment
  2. Pediatric Screening & Symptom Questionnaire
  3. Pediatric Evaluation
  4. Pediatric Evaluation Template
  5. Pathways for Dysfunctional Elimination
  6. Pediatric Letter of Medical Necessity

Patient Education Handouts

  1. The Pelvic Floor Muscles
  2. Finding your Bladder
  3. How the Bladder Works
  4. Your Bladder Cares about the Food you Eat and Drink - About Constipation
  5. Constipation and Fiber Facts
  6. Help for Constipation
  7. ILU Massage
  8. Your Bladder Log (Instructions)
  9. Daily Bladder Log (blank)
  10. I'm the Bladder Boss Sticker Chart
  11. I'm the Bowel Boss Sticker Chart
  12. Your Home Exercise Program - Lying Down
  13. Your Home Exercise Program - Child's Pose
  14. Your Home Exercise Program - Sitting
  15. Your Home Exercise Program - Standing
  16. Everyday Pelvic Muscle Exercises
  17. Urge Control
  18. Bladder Emptying Exercises
  19. Double Voiding
  20. One Big Void
  21. Staying the Boss
  22. Pediatric Diaphragmatic Breathing
  23. Diaphragmatic Breathing with Pelvic Floor Muscle Contraction

Dry Morning Program

  1. Dry Days/Potty Schedule
  2. The Dry Morning Program Phase I
  3. Nighttime Wetness Chart
  4. The Dry Morning Program Phase 2
  5. Dry Morning Time Chart
    Note: This product is emailed in Word format so that you can instantly access these files and distribute them to patients with your own clinic's logo.

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