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Many of the courses offered by Herman & Wallace include hands-on learning, called labs. At lab courses, we require experienced therapists to assist the instructor in guiding participants through the hands-on component, called teaching assistants or lab technicians. Teaching Assistants are compensated for their time with course credit, earn CEUs, and have previously completed education in order to be qualified to assist others in learning new skills.

To learn more about becoming a teaching assistant, visit Teaching Assistant Frequently Asked Questions.

H&W has a Teaching Assistant Platform where you submit your application directly. Before applying, please review the qualifications for assisting at our courses.

Teaching Assistant

The Teaching Assistant Platform allows you to sign in, upload your resume and information and sort the courses according to date, course name, or location. We rely on local teaching assistants to help our instructors provide the best experience for our registrants.

Once your application is approved (within 1 business day), you will have access to view all of the available satellites that need TAs from your approved course list (ex Pelvic Floor Level 1, Male Pelvic Floor, etc.) and you can directly apply to TA the satellite of your choice.

This Teaching Assistant Platform will also give you satellite details and allow access to any TA videos for your chosen course. Successful TA's possess that "je ne sais quoi" that makes an individual a great instructor as well as:

  • Proficiency in computer technical skills and the ability to troubleshoot in real-time.
  • Empathy to support your peers as they learn new skills and participate in lab work that can be sensitive and triggering.
  • The ability to foster a learning environment that is inclusive, welcoming, and kind.

If you have already been confirmed to TA a satellite, then you do not need to signup again for the spot. However, you will need to fill out a new application on the portal and upload your resume when you sign in to the platform for the first time.