In-Person Courses

What is an in person course?At in-person courses, registrants, lab assistants, and instructors gather at a single location for lecture and labs

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The Pelvic Function Series - In Person in 2024!

Pelvic Function Level 1: Introduction to Pelvic Health & Rehabilitation

Modalities and Pelvic Function: The Pelvic Health Toolkit - new in 2024!

Pelvic Function Level 2A: Colorectal Pelvic Health & Pudendal Neuralgia, Coccyx Pain

Pelvic Function Level 2B Pelvic Function for Abdominopelvic Pain & Urogynecologic Conditions

Pelvic Function Level 2C: Men’s Pelvic Health & Rehabilitation - new in 2024!

Pelvic Function Series Capstone: Advanced Topics in Pelvic Health


Questions about the updated format of the PF Series - see Frequently Asked Questions about the 2024 Series Update here.


Dry-Needling Series Courses

Dry Needling and Pelvic Health: Foundational Concepts and Techniques

Dry Needling and Pelvic Health 2: Advanced Concepts and Neuromodulation

Dry Needling and Pelvic Health: Pregnancy and Postpartum Considerations


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