Johnnie Kleinschmidt - Featured Certified Pelvic Rehabilitation Practitioner

In our weekly feature section, Pelvic Rehab Report is proud to present this interview with newly certified practitioner Johnnie Kleinschmidt, PT, PRPC

Johnnie Kleinschmidt, PT, PRPC

What motivated you to earn PRPC?

It was time and the right certification came along. I have been treating pelvic floor dysfunction for nearly 15 years and I wanted to make it official that I was a specialist. It was such a relief to have an institution like Herman and Wallace that recognized the MANY years of expertise and they offered to give me a chance to receive something in return that actually proves it. I was excited to learn that the certification spans the population of men, women and children and not only women. I have taken many courses over the years but have also educated myself out of sheer need and desperation and it has finally paid off with this honor.

What do you find is the most useful resource for your practice?

My ears. I have found that if I sit still, let the patient talk, and truly hear what they are telling me (not only with their mouth, but with their facial expressions, body language and intonation), then I have half the problem already solved. They want to be heard as much as they want to be helped. I’m usually the last resort for some of these people, so they have a lot of faith in me to help them. I have made some very loyal friends by just listening…and treating. My other resource is Herman and Wallace courses and website. Don’t know what I would do without it!

If you could get a message out to physical therapists about pelvic rehabilitation what would it be?

Be sure to educate yourself and read as much as you can when treating this patient population, and you just might find the most rewarding aspect of PT you never thought existed. If someone would've told me when I graduated from PT school 20 years ago that I would be specializing in this field and treating only this population, I would’ve run the other way. So, never say never either!! My message is: It occurred to me that once I wrapped my head around the treatment techniques and approaches, it suddenly all came together. Everything I had learned up to that point suddenly made sense and had its place in my treatment plan. It was truly an enlightening moment.

How did you get involved in the pelvic rehabilitation field?

I was working as an acute care/outpatient therapist at a local hospital and a friend, who was a floor nurse, pulled me aside and asked me, “Can’t PT’s help women stop leaking when we move?” I replied, “Yes, but I’m not one of them! I can fix just about anything else!” She was not laughing….. It just so happened I had recently received a brochure in the mail on pelvic rehabilitation continuing education courses. I told her I would look into it and get back to her. She offered to be my very first patient once I came back. She pestered me to death, I gave in, attended the course, and the rest is history. That was 1999. And, by the way, she is still continent to this day!

What makes you the most proud to have earned PRPC?

It sets me apart from other practitioners that claim to provide pelvic floor rehabilitation. These clinicians are generally multi-disciplined therapists with a limited exposure to pelvic floor dysfunction. This certification truly separates me from the others. Patients know when they see my credentials that I am the real deal.

Learn more about Johnnie Kleinschmidt, PT, PRPC at her Certified Pelvic Rehabilitation Practitioner bio page. You can also learn more about the Pelvic Rehabilitation Practitioner Certification at

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