If after submitting an examination fee an applicant wishes, for any reason, not to sit for the exam administration for which they've been approved, the applicant may request a refund of their examination fee by both:

A. Contacting H&W via email or web form submission. In order for H&W to honor such a request, the request must be received more than 72 business hours from the applicant’s scheduled exam appointment date and time, AND

B. Calling Kryterion HOST Location Test Taker Scheduling Support at 1-800-403-6199 or 1-602-659-4708. The call must be made more than 72 business hours from the applicant’s scheduled exam appointment date and time

If the applicant has yet to schedule a testing date, the request for cancellation must be received within 10 days of the final day of the testing window

Upon receipt of email or web form submission notification to cancel an examination administration, and so long as that notification is received by the aforementioned deadlines, the applicant may select one of the following options:

1. To receive a refund for 85% of the exam fee,


2. Convert 100% of their examination fee (no financial penalty to the applicant) to credit for H&W continuing education courses or downloadable products. This credit is valid for 36 months from the date that H&W receives the examination fee. Should the applicant fail to use their credit toward a H&W course within 36 months, H&W will absorb the credit, no refund will be offered, and the applicant may no longer apply the credit toward a continuing education course, OR

3. As long as the applicant has not already delayed exam administration according to the terms of section 3.7, the applicant may elect to delay sitting for the exam and wait until the next exam administration. In this case, H&W will hold their exam fee and apply it toward exam administration in the following year. If the applicant has yet to attend a H&W continuing education course, the applicant may elect to convert a fraction of their exam fee into credit for a H&W continuing education course and the balance toward the “having attended one or more H&W continuing education courses” exam fee for the next testing window. Should the sum of the price of the continuing education course(s) the applicants attends and the exam fee debited against the applicants balance be less than the exam fee originally paid by the applicant, the difference of the sum of “the price of the continuing education course(s) and the exam fee” and the original exam fee paid by the applicant shall be converted to credit be be used toward future H&W continuing education courses and/or downloadable products.