The PRPC exam will cover Knowledge and Skills related to evaluating and treating pelvic floor dysfunction in men and women throughout the life cycle. The exam is multiple-choice, and each question will have four possible answers (A,B,C, or D) with only one option being the correct answer. There is no written portion of the exam.

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The test blue print breaks down accordingly (the % is the percentage of questions on the exam which will focus on this knowledge domain)

Anatomy - 15%

Physiology - 20%

Pathophysiology - 20%

Pharmacology - 5%

Medical Interventions and Test - 5%

Tests and Measures - 5%

Interventions - 20%

Professional and Legal Requirements - 5%

Across all topic areas listed above, 25-30% of the exam items will require the applicant to read a hypothetical patient case scenario and answer questions based on their analysis of the case scenario.