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Check out this helpful guide on How to Become a Pelvic Floor Therapist. 


Many therapists who are just getting started with pelvic rehab take our most popular course, Pelvic Floor Level 1. This course is designed to instruct in immediately-applicable clinical skills of evaluating and treating pelvic floor dysfunction, inclusive of internal pelvic floor evaluations, using biofeedback and external palpation. It is highly recommended for the therapist who wants to begin seeing patients with uro-gynecologic pain conditions and incontinence. This thorough introductory course was created so that, upon completion of the course, participants can begin to treat a patient with pelvic floor issues the next day, using the skills learned at the course.


Beyond the Pelvic Floor 1, we offer a number of Beginning Level courses (courses with no pre-requisites) that cover a vast array of topics and target patient populations.


If you would like additional guidance on which course offering best fits your goals and target patient population, please contact us! We are here to guide you into an event that best suits your needs.