1. Ensure you are using the correct email address

If you receive an “invalid email or password” error message when attempting to log in, ensure you are using the correct email address. This is the email address at which you were first invited to teachable (unless you elected to change your email address after having created your account). We typically send out initial teachable invitations to the email address registrants used while registering for the course in question.


2. Try an Alternative Email Address

Check your email inboxes for sign up confirmations or purchase receipts to help determine which email address is associated with your account.


3. Check for Multiple Accounts

Sometimes, students are not aware that they have created multiple accounts in a school, using different email addresses. If you are able to successfully log in but are unable to locate or access your course, then you may have multiple accounts in the school. Since you’ll only be able to access your course by logging into the account that was used to purchase or enroll in the course, ensure that you are logging into the correct account. If you’re unsure if you’ve created multiple accounts, contact us.


4. Reset Your Password

You may be experiencing login issues due to an outdated or invalid password, in which case you may wish to reset your password entirely. To reset your password, complete the following steps:

**In the login screen, click Forgot Password?

**Enter your email address into the Email Address field and then click Send Me Instructions.

**If you have an account in the school, then you’ll receive a notification indicating that reset instructions have been sent to the email address you specified:

**Be sure to check your spam or promotions folders if you do not see the reset password email in your inbox.

**If you do not have an account in the school associated with that email address, then you’ll receive an error message that indicates that your email address is not associated with an account in the school.

**If you do not have an account in this school, this indicates that you used another email address to register for the school. If you believe this to be an error, please contact the school owner directly.


5. Try an Alternative Browser or Device

We recommend using the most up-to-date versions of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to log in and access your course. If you are using an alternative browser, try logging in to your course using one of these recommended browsers.

If you are still unable to log in, try using a different device. For example, if you are using a mobile device (e.g. iPhone, iPad, tablet, etc.), try switching to a desktop computer or laptop.


6. Clear Your Cache

Many login issues are browser-related, which is why we recommend that you clear your browser’s cache if you experience issues logging in to your course. When you browse websites online, web browsers store, or “cache,” website data (like images and scripts) as a way to improve your experience. Clearing your web browser’s cache removes these stored assets, and this may help resolve issues with logging in to your course.


7. Contact Us

If you're still unable to log in or access your course, please contact us. The team at Herman & Wallace can check the status of your account, including enrollments and purchases.