For courses which include lab work, participants should understand that they will be evaluated by students who have never before performed these examinations. H&W does not recommend that participants be evaluated or act as a model for internal examinations if they are pregnant or have other medical conditions that limit examinations or vaginal penetration.


Vaginal examination and internal myofascial manual therapy prior to 32 weeks gestation is not the common standard of medical practice. Participants who are pregnant who wish to participate fully in the entire course including in lab must bring a clearance letter from their physician allowing them to participate in the labs is required. Clearance letters should come from the participant's OB/GYN and be on rx form or stationary.


Participants who are pregnant also have the option of bringing their own lab model for examination, or they have the option of working in a group of three during lab times. Course instructors will facilitate participants observing as a part of a group of three at the course event. Please understand that hands on lab time for participants observing in a group of three may be more limited.