H&W courses are classified as Beginner (no prerequisites) Intermediate (one prerequisite) or Advanced (two or more prerequisites). Beginner-level courses can be taken by licensed therapists without any prior coursework. Therapists interested in registering for any Intermediate or Advanced course must review the prerequisites on the course description page and honestly assess/report their own fulfillment of the published prequisites. Courses that have Pelvic Floor Level One as a prerequisite require a working knowledge of performing internal assessments. It is never recommended that a participant skip this introduction without prior training or experience performing internal exam. 

Clinical experience or alternative coursework may be a substitute for the published course requirements, and it is recommended that a therapist considering opting out of a published prereq review the objectives of the required course and assert that said objectives have been met. Because it is impossible to verify participant's past experience and training, H&W is not able to verify satisfaction of prerequisites during registration, and it is the responsibility of the registrant to follow the published requirements. H&W highly recommends following the recommended/required course work in order, and will not give refunds or special arrangements for therapists who elect, at their own discretion, to take courses out of the published, recommended order.