Registrants who would like to pursue the self-hosted registration option must:

  • Locate another therapist or small group of therapists who would like to register together as a unit. Individual registrations without a qualified and registered partner are not permitted.
  • Find a suitable location from which the pair/group can all view the zoom lectures together.
  • Practice hands-on lab techniques on the other therapists in their pair/group without a lab assistant or instructor physically present at their self-hosted location. The instructor will provide remote direction via zoom.
  • Students are required to attend a hosted satellite course option and are not permitted to register for self-hosted events..

Herman & Wallace will no longer be offering the self-hosted option for Pelvic Floor Level 1, a course in which many participants learn to perform their first internal exam of pelvic structures. During the height of the pandemic, there was a need for greater flexibility and creativity when folks could not safely gather in groups to learn these skills. H&W has evaluated what works about this powerful and accessible learning model and found the following: when starting out in the first lab course, participants need to be guided by an H&W-vetted Teaching Assistant, which is what takes place at a hosted satellite course.