Many H&W courses, including the Pelvic Floor Series, include hands-on lab work in which participants will be trained to perform pelvic floor muscle examinations. After an introduction to pelvic floor anatomy, the rationale, indications and contraindications of internal examination will be reviewed. Pelvic floor lab work includes external genitalia identification, palpation externally of pelvic floor muscles and surface anatomy, digital vaginal or rectal palpation of the pelvic floor muscles and pelvic floor muscle testing/pelvic prolapse evaluations.

Labs will take place in a large open room with an instructor to participant ratio of 1:10. During lab time, participants will be asked to work in pairs, taking turns acting as both "models" and evaluators. No one participant will be required to partner with any other one participant during labs. Privacy screens are not a part of lab room set up, and sheets are provided for privacy draping. Instructors and lab technicians will make their way around the room to offer guidance and answer any questions.

H&W welcomes all professionals who are appropriately licensed at our courses. Being born with a vagina is not a prerequisite for attending or participating fully in our courses which cover internal vaginal exam, nor is being born with male genitalia a prerequisite for attending a course which covers examination of those with male anatomy. H&W also recognizes and affirms trans and non-binary participants and strives to foster an inclusive environment which welcomes all appropriately licensed professionals.

Participants who are pregnant, have medical considerations or for any other reason choose not to participate in labs as a model are able to act as an observer in group of three participants. Those who opt out may not have the opportunity to complete all the lab activities, though they will be able to observe. (The lab time is allocated for groups of two so there may be little time for a third in the group to learn all the techniques instructed.)