There are two ways to host a Herman & Wallace course at your facility.


The first is doing a public satellite lab group. Satellite groups are arranged with Herman & Wallace, and are available for public registration on our website. We will arrange for lab assistants to be on-site guiding the hands-on learning, and we will ship disposable lab supplies such as Chuck's, gloves, lubricant, etc. Satellite groups also get at least one complimentary registration in the course as compensation for hosting with us. If you can fit 20+ participants in your space (and have enough treatment tables, chairs, and linens to support that number) we offer two complimentary registrations. 




The second option is to organize a self-hosted satellite lab group. Self-hosted groups join whatever course they are interested in from any location where they can conveniently gather. Herman & Wallace does not arrange this location, and there are no publicly available seats sold. It is a good option for private groups who don't want outside clinicians to join, and it is sometimes the best option for people in remote areas where there are only a couple of clinicians interested in attending a course. Self-hosted groups do not get the benefit of a Herman & Wallace trained lab assistant, and need to provide their own lab supplies. Please note that self-hosting is not available for Pelvic Floor Level 1.


Those interested in hosting private or public events should Contact Us through the Host a Course page.