Self-Hosted groups are able to have a qualified pelvic practitioner act as a lab assistant or mentor. The self-hosted groups that want to have a lab assistant present must contact the admin team at H&W to verify that the individual is eligible. All lab assistants for self-hosted groups are on a volunteer basis only and do not receive compensation from H&W.

  • To have completed the course in question with Herman & Wallace.
  • Be an experienced pelvic therapist, comfortable with the skills needed for the course labs (external and internal examinations)
  • Have empathy to support your peers as they learn new skills and participate in lab work that can be sensitive and triggering.

If these requirements are met then please let me know their name and email so I can verify eligibility. Once they are verified, I can add them to your registration and provide any lab assistant materials for their reference. The materials vary from course to course but generally include the live course manual, lab guides, and self-hosted guidelines.