Nancy Corvigno MSPT, PRPC (Woodbridge, CT)

Nancy Corvigno MSPT, PRPCNancy Corvigno, has been a physical therapist since 1998 whose credentials include MSPT, STAR certified and now proudly PRPC in 2014. She has provided heartfelt, experienced care in a variety of settings including women’s health, pelvic floor dysfunction, pregnancy, lymphedema, cancer care, out-patient orthopedics, in-patient hospital based care, neurologic and home care. However she found her love for the pelvic floor after taking her first course with Holly Herman and Kathe Wallace in 2002 and has loved it since. She can be found both taking Herman and Wallace courses and helping TA when she can.


She has been working at Griffin Hospital in Derby, CT for the past 10 years, establishing and growing their first women’s health, pelvic floor, lactation and oncology programs and was integral in the establishment of their STAR program and Center for Pelvic Health for Griffin Hospital. She currently treats female and pelvic pelvic dysfunction, issues during and after pregnancy, lymphedema and cancer care. She also offers Soft Touch and Reiki services for a more holistic approach.


When not at the office she enjoys her time with her husband and 3 young children.


“My passion is empowering my patients and letting them know they don’t have to live with “it”, and help them take back some control and enjoyment in life."