Transfer/Cancellation Request

Attention! Submitting this form constitutes a formal confirmation of one's request to cancel a registration. Upon receiving a properly completed submission of this form, our administrative team will process the transfer/cancelation request without further input from the registrant. Those that are unsure about whether or not they would like to cancel a registration should not complete this form. If you have additional questions, please contact us.
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Confirmation Number of Registration to be Canceled:
Confirmation numbers should be 10-12 numbers. This number is printed in the confirmation email that you should have received upon registering.

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Into which course would you like to transfer?

Please enter the name, city, and date of the course into which you would like to transfer.

If the course into which you are transferring costs more than the course you are canceling, you must pay the difference before your registration in the more expensive course is active - we will send you an invoice via email for the difference which you can pay online. If you are transferring into a course that costs less, you will have a credit in your name that you can use for a future purchase.

If the course into which you would like to transfer has no open seats, we will contact you to select a different cancelation option.

Once we process your transfer, we will email you with a new confirmation number for your new registration.

Once we cancel your registration, and create a credit in our system, we will email you a confirmation of your cancelation, and the confirmation number of your credit in our system, which you can reference when applying the credit to a future purchase.

The Herman & Wallace refund policy can be found in our Terms & Conditions. Here is a brief summary (we encourage registrants to read the full policy in the Terms & Conditions):

If a person registered for a course less than 60 days ago AND the course is more than 30 days away, the registrant may cancel their registration and receive a refund, less a $75 administrative fee, OR they may cancel their registration and transfer to another course, or a future course credit at no financial penalty. Refunds will be made in the form of original payment (credit card/check/bank transfer.)

If a registrant submit this form requesting a refund, and the registration in question is not eligible for a refund, we will contact the registrant and ask that they choose a different option when canceling their registration.

Once we process your cancelation, we will email you a confirmation. If we need additional info (where to send a refund check for example) we will request such information at that time.

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