5 Reasons to take "Ethical Concerns for the Pelvic Health Professional"

Blog ECPH 3.8.24

  1. You took Pelvic Function Level 1 and you left with more questions than answers when it comes to consent, vulnerability, chaperones, safety, and clinical decision-making about how to deal with tough client situations.
  2. Your state requires you to take an ethics class and you're looking for a new class that actually applies to your area of expertise. (The thought of taking another ethics class honestly makes you feel like you'll immediately fall asleep).
  3. You'd love to be in a conversation with a small group of like-minded professionals in pelvic health with varying levels of experience about common challenging ethical scenarios for pelvic health providers.
  4. You have a burning ethical concern that you would love help with and the ability to anonymously offer it up to a think tank of other pelvic health providers sounds like a dream. You feel icky about something and need to get it off your chest and find solutions.
  5. You're looking to learn about what ethics is, why it matters, and how to apply these concepts to your clinical practice, whether you're a newbie or veteran to the therapist life.
Bonus reason…you've met Mora as your teaching assistant, TA teaching guide, or instructor and know this class will be entertaining, interactive, and full of playful (if slightly neurodivergent) energy.

In all seriousness, Ethical Concerns for the Pelvic Health Professional is an ethics class created to fulfill your state requirements, answer your clinical practice questions on this topic, and help soothe any situations that may be causing you stress (maybe just a little, maybe a whole lot). Every time it runs, it's slightly different because although there is a structured curriculum, there is also a lot of dedicated time for applicable case study situations and group discussion of real concerns of the providers attending. Join Mora on April 20th in her next course!



  • “Dr. Pluchino was an excellent teacher. She used a lot of practical examples and anecdotes from her own professional experience. She created very engaging environment and made us think about presented topics” - Klara Melli

  • "This is the best ethics course I've ever taken! It was relevant to pelvic floor PTs and she kept us all engaged, offering many breaks. This material is typically quite dry, but Mora made it enjoyable and applicable." - Anonymous
  • "I very much enjoyed this course. It was much more beneficial then when I took it in PT school as it was nice to apply life-case scenarios." - Anonymous
  • "I really appreciated how responsive the instructor was to our questions and how willing she was to engage with our thoughts and questions. It felt very accepting and validating. The instructor was affirming and pleasant and she gave us good feedback. She also shared some of her personal experiences which allowed me to feel like I am not the only one who struggles with certain things and she offered helpful solutions." - Anonymous


Mora Pluchino, PT, DPT, PRPC

I am a graduate from Stockton University with my BS in Biology (2007) and Doctorate of Physical Therapy (2009). I have experience in a variety of areas and settings, working with children and adults, including orthopedics, bracing, neuromuscular issues, vestibular issues, and robotics training. I began treating Pelvic Health patients in 2016 and now have experience treating women, men, and children with a variety of Pelvic Health dysfunction. There is not much I have not treated since beginning this journey and I am always happy to further my education to better help my patients meet their goals.

I strive to help all of my patients return to a quality of life and activity that they are happy with for the best bladder, bowel, and sexual functioning they are capable of at the present time. In 2020, I opened my own practice called Practically Perfect Physical Therapy Consulting to help meet the needs of more clients. I have been a guest lecturer for Rutgers University Blackwood Campus and Stockton University for their Pediatric and Pelvic Floor modules since 2016. I have also been a TA with Herman & Wallace since 2020 and have over 150 hours of lab instruction experience.

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