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Advanced Breathing Techniques

Advanced Breathing Techniques


This product is meant to inform patients about basic physiology of the respiratory system and various types of breathing exercises. These breathing exercises will focus on three breathing components - inhale, exhale and hold time. The variations in the exercises with different hold time and pattern of muscle use will be elaborated. For those suffering from respiratory ailments, recovering from cancer surgery, abdominal surgery, and those suffering generalized debility from chronic conditions will be able to address their impaired stamina with every day activities. This manual is also meant to be an introduction to enhanced athletic performance. It will positively impact athletic performance through pacing activities and utilization of fundamental breathing patterns. Readers will be invited to explore for themselves the miracles of breathing exercises!

Most of us need to improve our breathing technique, yet few people know which techniques are right for them. Avid exercisers and athletes in training tend to focus on cardio exercise, and they may neglect respiratory training.

It is true that breathing techniques as emphasized in yoga have a calming effect on body. However, correct breathing techniques, and as one graduates to more advanced yoga postures and the incorporation of breathing techniques with postures, makes it one of the most energy consuming and holistic exercise forms. Correct breathing can positively impact the pace of several highly aerobic activities like running, swimming and cycling.

This product contains the following files:

  1. 20 Slide Powerpoint Presentation on Advanced Breathing Exercises
  2. Respiratory System Function (Patient Handout)
  3. Breathing Retraining through Pranayama (Patient Handout)
  4. Therapeutic Breathing and Pranayama Exercises (Patient Handout)
  5. Protocol in Disorder Disease State (Patient Handout)