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Advanced Maternal Age Pregnancy

Advanced Maternal Age Pregnancy


As women focus more on their professional lives the average age at which mother’s give birth is steadily increasing. The rising instance of advanced maternal age, especially for a mother’s first child, has shifted the paradigm of what it means to be an expecting mother.

The necessary lifestyle changes that come with pregnancy in the late 30s to early 40s are many. A difference of diet, exercise plan and various vitamin supplements are all helpful tools in successfully bringing a fetus to term. Conceiving a child after 30 may also require special considerations for would-be mothers.

This document addresses all of these concerns and more. It discusses biological vs. chronological age, the impact of polycystic ovarian syndrome, endometriosis, hormonal shifts and diabetes. The product is applicable to clients of varying overall health, including clients who were unable to conceive earlier in life.

The patient handouts as mentioned above are meant to be compiled information and will include facts that are stated in medical articles and journals. In addition to the patient handouts as listed above the power point presentation for therapist is grouped into three categories: A) Facts which are well documented, and are common knowledge B) Facts which are not as commonly known C) Use of alternative medicines and benefits of the medicines with their medicinal properties.

The Powerpoint includes:

  1. Why it is important to maintain a healthy biological age and how to attain it
  2. Description of ‘mindful exercise’ to maintain health. The concept is that- those who exercise vigorously/ moderately as a routine benefit only little compared to those who have better understanding of exercises and enjoy their workouts. High frequency- low to moderately intense exercises give better results than low frequency bouts of strenuous exercises and are can be adhered to on regular basis.
  3. Chart that summarizes each relevant pointer, for example, ‘Obesity and late pregnancy’: what is known through research and what are commonly held beliefs about similar factors.
  4. Effect of positive thinking and aspects covered through yoga for relaxation
  5. Brief knowledge about Ayurveda and the effects of some herbs on health and their benefits in pregnancy.

Patient Education Handouts Also Included

  1. Facts and Fallacies of Advanced Maternal Age Pregnancy
  2. Patient Handout for Conception
  3. Patient Handout for Exercise
  4. Dealing with Complications
Note: This product is emailed in Microsoft Powerpoint and Microsoft Word format so that you can instantly access these files and distribute them to patients with your own clinic's logo.

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