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All About Kegels

All About Kegels


‘All About Kegels’ is a manual intended for physical therapists to utilize in educating patients when strengthening the pelvic floor muscles (PFM). This product will provide the physical therapist and patients written information and a home program that can be tailored for each patient.

Many individuals have heard about kegels, but are unclear when it comes to the importance of kegels, how to perform a kegel correctly, and appropriate exercise progression. The relationship of PFM strengthening to incontinence, core stability, and pelvic organ prolapse will be discussed.

The manual consists of educational information describing the function of the pelvic floor muscles, how to correctly contract the PFM, exercise progression, strengthening protocol, vaginal weights, and other factors to consider. Specific exercises that can be utilized in PFM strengthening will be described in detail.
The purpose of this product is to provide a clear explanation of the importance of kegels, how to correctly perform the exercise, and a progression of kegels exercises as they are important for incontinence, core strengthening, and pelvic organ prolapse.