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Body Back Post Partum Presentation

Body Back Post Partum Presentation


This is a public presentation for recently (or not so recently) post-partum women. Too often, new mothers don’t get the healthcare attention they need and deserve, while also feeling the pressure to get back to their pre-pregnancy body.

We will start with an informative 30 minute power point presentation, highlighting some of the unique needs and concerns of the post-partum woman. There will then follow a ‘practical session’ where the presenter will talk through identifying pelvic floor muscle, activating the TA muscle, how to incorporate ‘The Knack’ during sit-stand etc. – and then the participants will practice with the presenter giving verbal instruction and feedback.

This is a turnkey package – the presentation is largely visual, but with extensive ‘speaker notes’ hidden from the audience. It also comes with five customisable hand outs, where you can place your clinic’s logo and contact information, which serve not only as ‘homework’ for your participants but also as marketing tools, as they will be encouraged to bring them along their next medical appointment to review with their healthcare provider.

This Presentation Contains the Following Files and Handouts

  1. 23 Slide Powerpoint Presentation for Postpartum Patients
  2. Patient Handout on Good Posture
  3. Patient Handout on Good Bowel and Bladder Practices
  4. Patient Handout Kegels
  5. Patient Handout on "The KNACK"
  6. Patient Handout on Toning your Tummy