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Home Exercise Manual for SIJ and Low Back Pain Patient

Home Exercise Manual for SIJ and Low Back Pain Patient


This manual of handouts will provide the clinician a means of bridging the gap of care between the management of low back pain/sacroiliac joint pain and pelvic floor dysfunction, and contains information on managing both LB/SIJ pain and pelvic floor dysfunction.


This manual will include considerations for the treatment of these two types of disorders and juxtapose the two types of dysfunction. This manual includes exercises for both low back/ SIJ pain and pelvic dysfunction patients, as well as a combination exercise program for patients experiencing both issues. It will also provide guidance on progression of treatment for these patients.

This product will contain the Following Files:

Multiple handouts (delivered as MS word documents, to which you can add your clinic's logo and contact information)

Practitioner Resources

  1. Overview of Low Back Pain, SIJ issues and the Pelvic Floor
  2. Assessing the Pubis
  3. Assessing the Pelvic Ring
  4. Assessing Trigger Points
  5. Assessing Abdominal Wall Contraction
  6. Assessing Pelvic Floor Contraction
  7. Assessing Hip Mobility
  8. Assessment of Faulty Movement Patterns of the Hip and Lower Extremity
  9. Assessment of Posture
  10. Breathing Assessment


Patient Home Exercise Handouts

  1. Abdominal Isometrics
  2. Abdominal Marching
  3. Lower Extremity Slides
  4. Self Correct of Pelvic Ring and/or Rib Cage
  5. Single Leg Stance (SLS) Stabilization of the Hip and Pelvis
  6. Double Knee Bend
  7. Sit to Stand
  8. Posterior Tilt Progression
  9. Pelvic Floor Rest Postures
  10. Balloon Breathing Exercises
  11. Bent Knee Fall Out
  12. Butterfly Fallout Progression
  13. Active Straight Leg Raise
  14. Sidelying Hip Abduction
  15. Sidelying Adduction
  16. Sidelying Clam Shells
  17. Pelvic Floor contraction with Co-activation of Hip Abduction and Adduction
  18. Self Correction of Pubic Symphysis
  19. Self Correction of Sacrum
  20. Self-Sacrotuberous Ligament Release

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