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Home Exercise Program for Dyspareunia

Home Exercise Program for Dyspareunia


This full exercise program is a template for multiple topic areas with specific exercises geared to the dyspareunia patient; specific movement pattern adaptations, ergonomic recommendations and modifications of activity to address this condition.

This manual will contain information covering the topic of dyspareunia and specific modifications of positions, posture and gait mechanics, sex positioning, relief postures, habits before, during and after intercourse, recommendations surrounding lubricant and the sort. We will provide a template for providers to educate their patients with the best-case scenario to make intercourse the best it can be for patients. We will also provide ideas for patients to maximize self and home care overall. The providers will also get a full listing of sexual positions, habits to reduce pain in the spine, reduce pelvic tone and spasms, improve quality and lubrication with intercourse and help improve positioning for sexual enjoyment.

This product will contain the Following Files:

  1. Sexual positioning suggestions for optimal positioning of the pelvic floor -relaxation techniques
  2. Self-relaxation techniques for the pelvic floor
  3. Recommendations for lubrication/pelvic floor tissue health
  4. Postural adaptations to improve tissue tone in standing and with gait activities
  5. Healthier sexual habits for pre- and post- coitus
  6. Home exercise programs for relaxation of the pelvic floor post intercourse
  7. Self trigger point release and myofascial release to relative tissue