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Home Exercise Program for Pelvic Pain Clients

Home Exercise Program for Pelvic Pain Clients


The home exercise program is a single-source manual for those treating patients with pelvic pain. The manual provides information and handouts that clinicians can print or copy for patients, eliminating the need to reinvent the wheel.

The goal for this manual is to provide a concise, simple template and device for clinicians to use, so to avoid digging through course work materials or having to do the extra work in developing their own handouts. Of course, additional handouts may be used as an adjunct, but this manual will provide you with a versatile compendium of materials that have been presented in multiple courses to help the pelvic pain client. There are few home exercise program programs that target this type of patient, and the need for better home exercise programming is out there, to provide greater consistency throughout the field.

This product will include:

  1. General Pelvic Pain
  2. Postural Reeducation
  3. Cardiovascular Exercise Adaptions
  4. Pelvic Rest Postures
  5. Abdominal Wall Progression
  6. Self Myofascial Release
  7. Self Trigger Point Release
  8. Sacral & Pubic Balance Techniques
  9. Gluteal & Hip Girdle Strengthening
  10. Gait Retraining