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Pelvic Floor Exercises for Lumbopelvic Stability

Pelvic Floor Exercises for Lumbopelvic Stability


These 11 exercise handouts are developed to teach patients the role of the pelvic floor muscle strength for low back, sacroiliac dysfunction and post abdominal surgery recovery.
Includes muscle training exercises for the core muscles of stability the pelvic floor, transverses abdominal, and multifidi which we call the pelvic brace. Not included in the Urinary Incontinence Step by Step Manual.

Patient and Practitioner Resources Include

  1. Keys to Lumbopelvic Stability Exercise Training
  2. The Pelvic Floor Muscles (Anatomy and Function)
  3. How to Locate the Pelvic Floor Muscles
  4. Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercise Description and Performance (Detailed Anatomy)
  5. Your Home Pelvic Floor Program
  6. Diaphragmatic Breathing
  7. The Pelvic Brace Exercise (The Pelvic Floor, Transversus and Multifidi Together)
  8. Positions for Performing the Pelvic Brace
  9. The Pelvic Brace with Daily Activities
  10. Functional Pelvic Brace Exercises
  11. Maintaining your Lumbopelvic Stability

Note: This product is emailed in Word format so that you can instantly access these files and distribute them to patients with your own clinic's logo.