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Pregnancy and Your Pelvic Floor

Pregnancy and Your Pelvic Floor


This one-hour educational class (target audience is patients and their families) for pelvic physical therapists to help promote their pre-natal services. Product includes a powerpoint presentation and handouts (customizable with your clinic logo).

This is a public education program for pelvic PT’s to help promote their pre-natal services. It consists of a 30 minute talk on how to look after your pelvic floor before, during and after labor and delivery; topics discussed include appropriate activation/ relaxation of PF, episiotomies, pain relief strategies & episiotomies. There follows a ‘practical’ session where class participants practice pelvic floor awareness in different positions, breathing/ visualization techniques for pelvic floor activation/relaxation etc. Also provided are five handouts with space for your clinic’s logo and contact detail which the audience takes with them for referencing after the class and discussing with their healthcare providers. Holding pre-natal classes is a perfect way to market your skillset as a women’s health provider. The slides help explain the many changes of pregnancy & how often simple adaptations enable women to enjoy their pregnancy. It’s a great way to educate women about the importance of coming back to their PT for a post-partum pelvic floor checkup, & establishing the important role of the pelvic PT as an integral member of the healthcare team.There is an approximately thirty minute PowerPoint presentation, geared to expectant mothers – these slides will be designed to have visual impact with perhaps a key sentence to guide the discussion (speaker’s notes will be provided but will not be visible to the attendees)

There will be five handouts to give to the audience members, covering:

  1. How to protect your pelvic floor during L & D
  2. Suggested positions for L & D
  3. Pain relief strategies
  4. Perineal massage
  5. Post-partum pelvic floor exercises

Everything the pelvic PT needs to run this pre-natal class is provided, with the opportunity to have your clinic’s logo on the handouts. This class can be used as a single entity or can be purchased with our other pregnancy classes to promote your expertise in this growing field.

This presentation includes the following documents:

  1. 17 Slide Powerpoint Presentation on Pregnancy and Your Pelvic Floor
  2. Perineal Massage Handout
  3. Pain Relief During Labor Handout
  4. Pelvic Floor Exercises for Postpartum Handout
  5. Protecting your Pelvic Floor During Labor and Delivery

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