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Self-Care for Postpartum Mothers

Self-Care for Postpartum Mothers


New mothers can often be overshadowed by their newborn, and it is important to address the many healthcare challenges they face. This product addresses some of the most common issues facing post-partum women and gives the provider a format to address these problems.

This product addresses common issues seen by therapists treating post -partum women and equips them with strategies to empower and educate women to restore form, function and health.The product will enhance the practice of those therapists working with new mothers by providing them with a series of customizable hand-outs that can be given to both new mothers (as home programs) and to local obstetricians, gynecologists and midwives (as marketing tools)

This product will contain the following documents:

  1. Vulvo-vaginal health: handouts on episiotomy, lochia, signs and symptoms of infection, pelvic floor exercises, dyspareunia
  2. Abdominal care: handouts on C-section scar massage, DRAM: signs and symptoms, exercise strategies, Safe abdominal strengthening
  3. Bowel & Bladder health: handouts dealing with leaking from the bladder or the anus, overcoming urge incontinence, re-training your bladder to sleep through the night, constipation and proper toileting technique
  4. Back care for new mothers: handouts on posture, ergonomics, bending/lifting/carrying. Incorporating exercise and rest into your daily routine – the importance of self care
  5. Red flags for new mothers – when to contact your doctor

These documents will be delivered in the format of Microsoft Word files.