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Self Care for Pregnant Patients

Self Care for Pregnant Patients


Pregnant women go through many changes and challenges as their pregnancy progresses. This can result in a variety of MSK dysfunctions from headaches and TMJ dysfunction to swollen ankles and painful feet. This product looks at some of the most common problems facing pregnant women and offers simple and effective solutions that providers can offer their clients for home use.

This customizable product covers postural, hormonal, orthopedic and pelvic dysfunctions commonly seen by therapists who enjoy working with pregnant women. The provider will have clear and easy to follow programs to provide to their patients for home use, improving compliance and improving outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Therapists using this product will have worksheets covering MSK and pelvic floor dysfunctions that they can review with and distribute to their patients for home use. These worksheets can be personalized with the clinic’s logo and distributed to local obstetricians, gynecologists, midwives and birthing centers as a marketing tool.

This contains the following documents:

  1. Headaches/ TMJ: headache types, postural check list, hydration, TMJ exercises
  2. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: signs & symptoms, positional suggestions, exercises, splints
  3. Bladder and Bowel Health in Pregnancy: dealing with constipation, toileting positions, urge suppression techniques
  4. Back Pain in Pregnancy: postural and ergonomic advice, exercise strategies, lumbar supports
  5. Pelvic Girdle Pain: advice for everyday activities: transfers, bed mobility etc. Gentle exercises for PGP
  6. Protecting your Pelvic Floor and Abdomen: PF exercises, Pregnancy appropriate abdominal awareness exercises, Perineal massage
  7. Looking after your legs: varicose veins, swollen ankles & painful feet
  8. Red Flags: When to Call your Doctor! Signs and symptoms to be aware of

These documents will be delivered in the format of Microsoft Word files.