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The Male Kegel

The Male Kegel


‘The Male Kegel’ is a manual intended for physical therapists to educate male patients about the anatomy of the pelvic floor muscles, the importance of the pelvic floor muscles in men, correctly finding the pelvic floor muscles, how to appropriately exercise the pelvic floor muscles, and the relationship of these muscles after prostatectomy. This product will provide the physical therapist and patients written information and a home program that can be tailored for each patient. Also included in the manual will be information that can be utilized in marketing to Urologists for their post-prostatectomy patients.

The manual will consist of educational information describing the function of the pelvic floor muscles, how to correctly contract the PFM, exercise progression, strengthening protocol, and other factors to consider. Specific exercises that can be utilized in PFM strengthening will be described in detail.

This manual covers the following topics:

  1. Background on the pelvic floor muscles. – This will include the description of the pelvic floor muscles, when is strengthening important; relationship to incontinence, core stability, and prostatectomy surgery.
  2. Kegels – This will describe what a kegel should feel like, how do you know if you are performing the exercise correctly, and what should not happen when you perform a kegel. Strength and exercise progression will also be discussed in detail. Lastly, other situations to be considered will include the relationship of constipation, strenuous/repetitive activities, KNACK, and fluid intake on strengthening and the PFM.
  3. Exercises – This form will provide the PT and patient specific exercises that can be performed to strengthen the PFM and appropriate progression of those exercises.
  4. Marketing Information – This form will provide the Physical Therapist marketing information to take to Urologists in discussing the importance of physical therapy for their prostatectomy patients.

This product contains the following as they relate to pelvic floor exercises:

  1. Importance of the pelvic floor.
  2. Description of the pelvic floor muscles.
  3. Function of the pelvic floor muscles.
  4. When should kegel exercises be considered and performed.
  5. Relationship to incontinence, core stability, prostatectomy surgery
  6. Performing a kegel correctly.
  7. How to correctly perform a kegel.
  8. What not to do when performing a kegel.
  9. Exercise progression.
  10. Endurance vs. fast twitch/quick reaction activities
  11. Exercise position (supine/side lying, sitting, standing)
  12. Advanced activities
  13. How do I know the exercises are working?
  14. How long does it take to strengthen the muscles?
  15. Other situations to consider during strengthening
  16. Constipation
  17. Repetitive or strenuous activities
  18. KNACK
  19. Fluid intake and the importance of drinking fluids even if you are experiencing incontinence.
    7. Specific exercises which can be utilized in a strength program.
    8. Marketing information for Urologists


These documents will be delivered in the format of Microsoft Word files.