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Women’s Health Marketing Presentation

Women’s Health Marketing Presentation


This Powerpoint presentation helps the pelvic physical therapist make a strong case to referral sources (physicians, nurse practitioners, etc.) of the many reasons to refer patients to your practice.

Immediately strengthen your presentations aimed at building referral business! Content focuses on the benefits of physical therapy for patients with incontinence and pelvic floor dysfunction or pain, and the specific reasons why this patient population benefits from PT intervention. Aimed at providing you with a competitive edge over other therapy providers, this presentation is a "must" for gaining additional pelvic floor patient referrals.

This product includes:

  1. One 24 Slide PowerPoint Presentation (customizable with your clinic's logo and contact information) built on the following outline
  2. Opening slide with your clinic's information
  3. Anatomy and function of the pelvic floor
  4. Dysfunction of the Pelvic floor
  5. Mobility vs. Stability
  6. PT Evaluation summary of Pelvic Floor Patient
    • History
    • Observation and Manual Assessment
    • Biofeedback assessment
  7. Indications/Contraindications for referral
  8. PT Treatment Options for Pelvic Floor Patient
    • Exercise program
    • Bladder Retraining
    • Patient Education
    • Biofeedback Program
    • Manual Techniques
    • Other Modalities
    • Specific treatments for Chronic Pain or surgical Patients
  9. Why to refer a patient to you/Benefits to both Patient and referral source